Booking a band for your divorce party

Divorce parties are becoming more and more popular and definitely one of those times when a good knees up can quickly break the ice. If you or someone you know are going through this difficult transition and finding it hard to talk, socialize and enjoy life – A divorce party can be the perfect way to draw a line under the past and let everyone know that it’s not the end of the world, it’s a new beginning worth celebrating.

Why should you create a divorce party?

The Gherkins Divorce party band UKMaybe the best thing about a divorce party is that it allows you let off steam and ease the pressure on everyone. Chances are, by now you can see lots of positives coming from this transition and the future is starting to look exciting and fun.

You can’t have a great divorce party without a great band. It’s a well-known fact, the right band can provide you with the very best entertainment, let your hair down, enjoy a dance and is the best way to interact with your friends and have fun.

It’s safe to say that a party with this type of energy and excitement can easily shift your mood. Plus, when you go through a divorce you quickly come to realize how important it is to socialize and have fun again.

Can you meet someone new at a divorce party?

Absolutely! In fact, the idea behind a divorce party is that you invite some new people into your life – that attractive friend of a friend could be just the person you’re looking for!

That’s why divorce parties are becoming very cool… and the possibilities are endless. Even if you don’t find an exciting new lover, the opportunity allows you (the centre of attention) to make new friends and enjoy yourself and start as you mean to go on and enjoy your life as a single person.

A divorce party doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive either. You can keep it as short and simple as you want. The most important part is picking the right act that offers light-hearted entertainment.

That’s why you should hire The Gherkins.

The Gherkins song list (click here to view) is guaranteed to get your feet tapping and everyone singing along. The old favourite and familiar songs include California Dreaming, Bring me Sunshine, Something Stupid, When You’re Smiling and Dream A Little Dream – all perfect songs to put a smile on everyone’s faces and create a memorable occasion.

Plus, everyone remembers The Gherkins, dressed in their signature green suits and silly hats.

Book The Gherkins for your divorce party today.

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