Booking a band for a funeral is becoming very popular?

Traditionally the Funeral of a family member or friend is a time of mourning and a time to appreciate and acknowledge the life of the person who passed away. Today almost 50% of all funerals are ‘Humanistic’ (non-religious) and provides a unique opportunity to create something special and memorable for both the service and reception (wake).

Should you consider booking a band for a funeral?

The Gherkins Funeral bandIn short, this could be the most fitting way to lift the mood of the day and the spirits of everyone that attends. Instead of feeling a sense of hopelessness and grief – music can capture the true character of the deceased and put their needs and wishes first by playing their favourite song or tune. Showing respect and appreciation, can magically take your attention away from pain and loss and make it more of a celebration of the life of the person that passed away. When it comes to the type of music you can play at the funeral, it’s up to you. The deceased favourite song may be more fitting or maybe a song that reminds you of them would work best for the audience and circumstances.

The Gherkins are a great choice if you want to add some lightheartedness to the day.

Their song list includes many modern funeral favourites, including My Way, Knights in White Satin, Bring Me Sunshine, All of me and Always on My Mind. Their complete funeral song list can be viewed here. (click to view)

The Gherkins are available to play during the service and reception and will follow your lead when it comes to delivery and style. Naturally, they are happy to forgo their bright green suits during the service if you want a more formal performance.

How does the process work?

As you can imagine, you do need to contact the band as soon as possible. This will give them time to prepare for the day and make travel arrangements. Unlike many bands, the Gherkins are available 7 days a week and will confirm availability within a few hours of contacting them – the faster you contact the band, the better. Once the date is confirmed, their office will spend time on the phone with you to discuss song choices, set lists and all other important details to ensure the day runs smoothly.

This attention to detail makes The Gherkins a great fit for funerals. If you want to hire a live band for a loved one’s funeral, don’t hesitate to contact The Gherkins. It’s a fact that very few bands are marketing themselves as funeral bands because of the huge responsibility it involves.

If you want to bring something unique and special to the one day that many of us find most difficult and uncomfortable and leave your guests with smiles and tears – for all the right reasons. Call The Gherkins now and book them today, you will not be disappointed!

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